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Are you frustrated or feeling stuck in life? Do you wish you had someone who could mentor you, cheer you on, and give you wise counsel and practical life skills to have a healthier life, marriage, family, or all of the above? 

We have a proven track record and over 14 years of experience helping people get "unstuck" and move forward in a healthy and fulfilling life!


                                              Or read below to learn more!

Marriage & Family

You want an amazing marriage, kids who proudly love you and each other. But you’re not sure how to make that happen.


We can help.


Whether your marriage is on the rocks, or you want a marriage that totally rocks, let us help you build the future you dream of.


Whether you’re just getting started in parenting, you’re trying to navigate the teenage years, or you find yourself raising grandkids, we can help you overcome the hardships of each season and create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.


One last thing. We’re not about just rehashing all the junk from the past. We’re more about helping you build a brighter future. If you find your past getting in the way of your future, though, we can help walk you through that, too.


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Powerful Manhood

Manhood is under attack. We’ve all heard the term “toxic masculinity,” but the solution the world pushes is no masculinity at all.

At the same time, most of us men grew up with no father, absent fathers, or unhealthy fathers, so we’re just trying to figure out this manhood thing on our own. So many men don’t know who they are, and they feel lost.

What if you could replace insecurity with confidence? What if you could trade an angry temper for being a trusted protector? What if you could exchange screen-based sexual addiction for much deeper intimate satisfaction?

The truth is you can. And we can help.

Oh, and we’ll help without beating you up or making you feel like a failure. Actually, we’ll help you see a better version of yourself than you’ve ever known before.

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Contact and Information

For more information, please email Nathanael at

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $75

First session is only $30, sign-up today. 

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